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Bomb-Shelter - Een blues-poetry-rock band gevormd rond alleskunner Mark Lotterman. Ze stonden al eens in Nighttown en begeleiden regelmatig de dichters Simon Vinkenoog en Gijs ter Haar.

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Darren Crease

Darren Crease - Er wordt in onze studio met diverse muzikanten samengewerkt. Gewoon, omdat het leuk is en ter promotie van deze artiesten. Op de compilatie cd('s) van Happy Avenue hoor je het resultaat. Van Jazz-dance tot Industrial-Poetry. Alle nummers zijn samenwerkingen van Darren Crease met gastmuzikanten die Happy Avenue een warm hart toedragen.

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DJ Shawn Rubens

DJ Shawn Rubens - It's all about them beatz.

On the 19th of January 1979, Shawn Rubens was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He developed his love for electronic music at a very young age, and started messing with his first set of turntables when he was only fifteen years old. Becoming a resident in Rotterdam based hardcore club Pompei in 1996 gave him the chance to advance his skills each week for almost two years. Caused by the sudden decrease of hardcore popularity end 90's, Shawn Rubens started expirimenting with techno music. Since then he has created his own style of mixing; energetic beats, smooth crossover's, his sets mostly going out with a big bang.

Shawn will give you the best in techno (minimal to schranz and everything inbetween), drum & bass or 90's hardcore.
Lately, Shawn Rubens has been playing his sets at various locations, such as Nighttown, the Bootleg DJ Café, the Tejas Bar in Rotterdam (where he plays a 5 hour set once each month), various Resistance Parties and, not the least, at Teqnology in the Heineken Music Hall and Dance for Charity in Hotel Arena, Amsterdam.

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Happy Avenue

Happy Avenue - Happy Avenue Festivals zijn inmiddels al een begrip in de Rotterdams uitgaanswereld. Raadpleeg de agenda voor het eerstvolgende festival!

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